Analysis and Metrics

Make Informed Decisions and Improve the Learning Environment

Making Sense of What You Know

We are in an era of big data, and teaching platforms are no exception. AccuSkills generates the data, reports, and analysis you need to quickly and efficiently focus your training for the best possible learning outcomes. With complete reports at both the instructor and the administrator levels, AccuSkills helps you understand everything from a single test result to the health of your entire institution.
Instructor Reports

Instructor Reports

AccuSkills reports help instructors quickly asses each student, and each class's performance. Reports include:

• Student Log-in reports
• Lesson Viewing habits
• Test Score and Most Missed Question reports
• Attendance Reports
• Student/Class comparison charts

Admin Reports

Admin Reports

The Administrator of each institution can easily track the performance of the instructors, students, classes, courses, and lessons to fine tune the direction and quality of your education. Admin reports include:

• Instructor reports - see how many lessons each instructor has created, the adoption rate for each lesson, overall performance of each class an course by instructor, and percentage of revenue contribution by instructor
• Student Engagement - Track enrollment trends, month-by-month sign-up trends, student access reports
• Lesson Engagement- Track individual lesson deployment, revenue, and adoption rates
• Revenue Analysis - Understand where the most of your revenue is generated, lesson sharing and sales reports across multiple institutions, engagement and success trackers, testing and assessment quality of each lesson